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Interested in leading, hosting or co leading a Real Life Group? Contact for more information about upcoming training events!

What are Real Life Groups?

Real Life Groups are small groups of people who meet regularly in order to develop friendships with each other, make a difference in the community, and challenge each other to be more like Christ.  RLG’s meet in homes, coffee shops, parks, libraries, or wherever there’s room!  Get connected with a Real Life Group and experience what it means to follow Christ together.

We have some small groups meeting online, some in homes, and some are reorganizing.  If you cannot find the group you are looking for, please let us know and we will help!

How do I join a Real Life Group?


Why should I join a Real Life Group?

If you answer “Yes” to any of these questions, you should probably join a Real Life Group:

  • Would you like to connect with other believers in your neighborhood and experience a greater sense of community?
  • Would you like your kids to meet and play with other kids in your neighborhood that go to Lake Shores?
  • Would you like a safe place to share your thoughts, questions, experiences, and doubts regarding your relationship with God and your faith journey?
  • Would you like to have people in your life that pray for you and are willing to serve and care for you when you need help?
  • Would you like to serve people in need and make an impact in the lives of others?
  • Would you like “church” to go beyond what you experience on Sunday mornings?