Does Jesus care? Part 3

Matthew 23
The 23rd chapter of Matthew shows the grieving heart of Him who has come not to condemn the world, but to save the world. Sadly the laws God has given as a guide to demonstrate His compassion men have been turned into a burden too great for any to bear. The simple 5 books of the law required over 50 additional volumes to properly apply them thanks to the additions of men.

Jesus is faced here with the Pharisees who’s original name meant “The Separated Ones”. It is evidenced here that they were separate now from not only their fellow man but also the “God” they were to serve. In this passage Jesus would pronounce at least 8 “Woes upon them relating to their practiced religion. The term “woe” is from the Greek ouai it involves both wrath and sorrow. There is righteous anger here, but it is the anger from a heart of love broken by the stubborn willful blindness. There is no angry, discussed Savior here. This is the compassionate Lord seeking to redeem those who refuse God’s gift.

Matthew 23:37-39 speaks to the heart of God. The tragedy is from the heart of rejected love. How many times through how many people has God consistently called out to His people? I am here for you ready to embrace you in compassion, mercy, grace, and love. Here He speaks as the lover of the souls of men.

The picture of the hen is the picture of the loving mother willing to give all to bring her precious little ones unto herself giving safety and protection in their most pressing time of need. Here in Matthew the clarion call is once more going out to even the stiff necked and hardhearted.

Sadly viewing the patience of God and the appeal of Jesus there are still those who refuse Him and choose the consequences of rejecting God’s Christ.

If you can read these words today the call of the compassionate, loving, merciful Savior is still going out. Will you listen and heed today or as the religious Pharisee seek another?