Does Jesus Care? Part 2

John 4:39-7:53
The outstanding question of this section of scripture is will you worship in Spirit and Truth or will you choose the cloak of religion?

The conflict is undeniable through these chapters as the religious leaders and a number of people are in stark contrast to Jesus.
The Gospel of John does not choose to focus on the miracles performed at this time. It does however focus on the religious “truths” of the day as they refuse the truth of the Christ as written in their precious scripture.
John bears witness to the leaders choosing the law and their understanding of the law over the reality of spiritual truth found in the Word.

You see such things as;

  • John 5:10, it is not lawful to carry your bed on the Sabbath
  • John 5:16 for such an offense on the Sabbath the leaders were willing to kill Him
  • John 6:15 others would take him by force to make him a king
  • John 6:26 says they believe on him because of the bread they ate

Amidst all Jesus did they continue to clamor for a sign John 6:30.

The division among the people is obvious. The stark contrast of the witness of the Christ being shown over and again by the scripture. It screams in their ears BELIEVE the WORD you have been given.
John 6:29 states clearly that the work they are to do is believe in Him who has been sent.
I must ask myself do I do the work the Jesus tells me to do, or do I look for another religious substitute to prove my religious faith to myself and others?

It’s easy to see the Pharisees in others and cloak that reality in me.