Does Jesus Care? Part 1

Gene is beginning a series “Does Jesus Care?”

This blog will be written from a few of the truths found in the Gospel of John. I am dividing the Gospel into the number of weeks Gene presents to reflect the life lived by Jesus over His 33 years among us. You will benefit most as you divide the Gospel over the same span of 6 weeks or 3-1/2 chapters per week. Let God show you His special insights of His Son through John.

As I open the Gospel of John and I examine the first three chapters, I see several things which draw me to the truths presented in this gospel.

One outstanding truth is the overwhelming confidence of the presentation of Jesus as the Christ of God. The Christ is not simply a title but the Messiah (deliverer, promised one of God, the Savior of man) who God promised to send throughout history beginning in the days of Adam. No one realized that this one in reality was God in human flesh. Can you say “Amazing Love”?

The other outstanding truth is John knowing exactly who he is and his place in God’s plan. Time and again John is questioned. He repeatedly stands firm on God’s identity choosing not to accept the accolades of men. He chose to be true to the One who created him. I know I have not proven to be so faithful. You are ____________ created by God in His image. You are His workmanship completely equipped for all He has appointed you.

Today rejoice in these amazing truths.

1)     Jesus is the Christ of God who loves you.

2)     You are or can be completely His as He delights over you in love.